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Analysis Modeling and Programming Sciences, Inc. (AMPS) was incorporated in California, USA on August 17, 1999. Operating as a small business, AMPS offers structural analysis, design and programming services for the aviation industry. We are structured and managed to provide maximum program cost effectiveness.

AMPS received its NAVSEA Seaport-e contract award on 31 May 2005.


Our mission is to provide the most cost effective, value oriented and customer responsive organization possible.


Highly motivated, knowledgeable, experienced and proven staff, in combination with internally generated procedures produce accurate, thorough and cost effective solutions, with exceptionally rapid response times.


Our analysis and design capabilities cover many aspects, including finite element analysis, fatigue analysis and dynamic analysis. Our experience encompasses a wide variety of space, missiles, military and civilian aircraft, primary and secondary structures, for both composites and metallic. We also provide training to client employees.


Our programming services include software design and deployment for analysis, project management and databases.


Individually our staff members have at least 20 years of direct aerospace experience and many have advanced degrees.


Tracking project status and content continuously, ensures punctual achievement of project target objectives. Regular status reports are generated as required for progress meetings. A high quality of work and documentation is maintained by a formal peer review system. The customer is encouraged to participate in the quality control cycle.

Corporate experience relevant to the USN

AMPS has participated in all aspects of structural analysis functions at North Island since 1999. This included the initiation of the first improvements to the F/A-18 finite element design model outside of the OEM and the planning and implementation of other major programs such as SLAP and CBR+. As such AMPS has a cooperate knowledge of the structural history, analysis methods, documentation, specifications and FST practices that are specific to the F/A-18 that is not generally available to other contractors.

AMPS was solely responsible for the design and development of the entire fine mesh models developed specifically for the SLAP Phase 1 program.

AMPS has also developed a number of tools specific to the F/A-18 program that enhances the productivity of its engineers and will be used to support the SLEP effort. One such tool is FatAllow that simplifies the execution of OEM codes SPECGEN and CI89. AMPS, Inc. is able to insert alternate models and spectra into these codes. This ability is particularly important to the support of FMS aircraft. Another example is software developed by AMPS, Inc. for computing stress concentrations in accordance with F/A-18 procedures, an important component of all fatigue analyses. This software ensures compliance with Program Standards and enhances productivity of the analyst.

Additionally AMPS has been at the forefront of program management database generation for several large engineering projects for the F/A-18 FST. This includes task like tracking database, earned value project performance metrics, and FT01 teardown database in support of aircraft life assessment.