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Research and Development Support

AMPS, Inc.   (Performed as subcontractor)

Support provided to NAVAIR. Several projects have been completed under this category.


One project involved the design, monitoring and interpretation of experiments to determine the effect of interference fit bushings on fatigue life on holes in aircraft structures. Empirical and analytical methods were developed to predict the fatigue life of holes under service conditions. This is typical of R&D projects involving material properties.


The other class of projects typically involves the development of analytical methods. One example of this class of project was the development of finite element techniques to estimate the stress concentrations at the edges of holes in a loaded joint. Methods developed in this project were subsequently used to support the F/A-18 SLAP Phase I program.


Engineering, System Engineering and Process Support

AMPS, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Provided project management support to the F/A-18 CBR+ VAL/VER project by developing the detailed work breakdown structure, project plan, and ongoing effort accounting to produce "earned value" project performance metrics for distribution to senior NAVAIR commanders.   This project resulted in the first two successful F/A-18 center barrel replacements, the validation of the replacement process, the verification of the efficacy of the final result, and produced instruction set documents used by other Naval aviation facilities to perform the same replacement throughout the F/A-18 fleet.   


This support was both a mentoring, training, and implementation effort meant to assist the FST appreciates and masters "earned value" project management concepts.   This was done in daily one-on-one sessions and included significant modifications and adjustments to the project plan, the development of managerial processes to collect work actually achieved, development of a customized Microsoft Access database to ease the collection and reporting of completed work, and the production of a variety of earned value reports, charts, and graphs.   This was accomplished by using advanced features of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel .   These results were exposed to, and enthusiastically received by, high ranking Navy officers and senior Navy civil service managers.


Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation and Analysis Support

AMPS, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Extensive support has been provided to NAVAIR in this functional area. The company developed all the fine mesh finite element models for the F/A-18 SLAP Phase 1 Program. Numerous loads models and stress models, involving all structural components have been developed for the F/A-18 program and the E2/C2 program.


Detailed analysis of structural repairs, modifications and retrofits are carried out on a daily basis to support the F/A-18 FST. These include linear and non-linear static analyses, linear and non-linear dynamic analyses, crack initiation and crack growth analyses to support fatigue, ultimate, limit and failsafe condition requirements of metallic and composite airframes.


Major programs supported include, F/A-18 SLAP, F/A-18 CBR+, F/A-18 E/F Phase 1 and the ongoing F/A-18 SLEP Phase 1.


FEA codes were used in approximately 80% of the tasks assigned and included, MSC Nastran/Patran, Ansys, Marc, NISA and Abaqus.


These activities have allowed NAVAIR to carry out large projects requiring surge capacity, on schedule and at a significant cost reduction over OEM provided services.


Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making and Fabrication Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to SPAWAR and NAVAIR. Provide manufacturing engineering, prototyping, fabrication, and production for TDPPP, MPAI, and HCU devices.   Assisted in final Design, sourced packaging, fabricated metal plates and PCBs, built prototypes, provided redesign support, procured all components and subassemblies and continue production runs.


System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Provided engineering design services for the F-18, C-2, and E-2 aircraft.    Drawings were created in AutoCAD (2D &   3D), CATIA (V4 & V5), Unigraphics (V18 & NX2), Pro-E (Wildfire), SolidWorks, CADAM, and CADKey. For Navy customers, this ability to access specialty engineering design services, without incurring long term infrastructure expenses for intermittent/cyclic specialty needs results in immediate, demonstrable cost savings.


Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

AMPS, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR consisted of generating software engineering tools. Examples of software generated include the following.


•  Software (FATALLOW) to significantly reduce turn around time for fatigue life calculations, for use by the F/A-18 Strength Group.

•  A spreadsheet (KtCalc) to significantly reduce the turn around time for stress concentration calculations, for use by the F/A-18 Strength Group.

•  A graphics user interface based program to extract finite element results for the F/A-18 fine mesh rudder model, for use by the F/A-18 Advanced Composites Group.

•  A program (SIFTER) to extract and sort NASTRAN FEM data on a notebook computer, for use away from a NASTRAN license server. This was required for use by NAVAIR personnel on travel.

•  A program to translate load vectors to a specified angle, for use by the F/A-18 Advanced Composites Group.

A program (NASMECH) to convert Nastran loads data into Mechanica neutral file format, for use by the F/A-18 Strength Group during the SLAP Phase I program. All these projects led to increasing NAVAIR capabilities and reducing end product costs.


Support to NAVAIR.   Provided F/A-18 FST (F/A Critical Structures) long, and short-term detailed project planning, related software development, database design, programming, deployment and software maintenance to assure efficacious engineering management processes.


Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Provided Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Fault-Tree Analysis (FTA), and System Safety Assessment (SSA) services to support a variety of reliability, maintainability, and RCM implementation programs.   Utilized various software packages to conduct these analyses, including ITEM FMECA Software® and ITEM FMECA ToolKit Software®.   Applied designated computer simulation software to conduct equipment reliability and availability assessments that are utilized to identify failure trends and equipment downtime drivers.


Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Developed analysis tools and recommended performance interventions for the efficient and effective implementation the C-2A improvement program.   The analysis led to documented requirements, objectives, and human performance interventions that are traceable to the support of operational requirements.   This task required research and analysis of current and future technologies in the areas of systems engineering, maintenance, and logistics.   The objectives of this analysis were operational and maintenance training, performance interventions, predicated on HFE analysis of the maintenance and operational environment.


System Safety Engineering Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Prepared and evaluated system safety program data.     Evaluated Preliminary Hazard Analyses (PHA), Subsystem Hazard Analyses (SSHA) and System Hazard Analyses (SHA).    Focused on the benefits, limitations, and costs of various system safety analyses techniques including fault tree, sneak circuit, fault hazard, common cause and energy trace.     Validated the function of hazard analyses in system requirements definition, risk evaluation and control, requirements compliance validation and test planning.   Ensured a tethered relationship between system safety and human factors in the design and development of complex systems.


Configuration Management (CM) Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Provide support for obsolescence management of systems, development and submission of Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs), CM of   aircraft systems. Identify obsolete system parts for upgrade, establish a configuration control and management process, develop system upgrades and ECPs and maintain baseline configuration control.


Support to NAVAIR.   Developed the maintenance plan, a spares model, and provided general logistics and CM support.   Provided data management and preparation, program analysis, CM and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for aircraft system upgrades.


Support to NAVAIR.   Provide support in such activities as program documentation, Life Cycle Supportability Planning, Performance Management, Risk Management, Configuration Management and Oversight. Provides support in development of CM Strategy Planning, and Configuration Control and system improvement review process.


Quality Assurance (QA) Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   For the C-2A Aircraft Upgrade Program, identified products and processes required for acquisition of instrumentation and switching logic devices, including the appropriate inclusion of QA principles and requirements into the program request for proposals, Acquisition Strategy, Program T&E Plan, and Risk Management Plan.


Support to NAVAIR. For the F-18, C-2, E-2, and trainer programs, ensured that designs and proposed methods conformed to the objectives and requirements of all applicable MIL, NAS, and ISO standards.


Acquisition Logistics Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.    Through the application of stringent engineering and analytic disciplines, provided ALS for development that included total life cycle, maintenance, and support infrastructure considerations.   Studies and analysis on a wide range of programmatic issues, such as corrosion control program, integrated ILS, and depot repair periodicity needs. Comprehensive logistic elements have been input as required specifications in draft RFPs, Acquisition Strategy, Integrated Logistics Support Concepts, and other acquisition documentation.


Supply and Provisioning Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Provided supply and provisioning support to the CAINS, ARC-210, TAWS, and TCAS Integrated Product Team.   Developed Engineering Change Proposals, kit requirement lists, Navy Training Support Plans, and Maintenance Plans.   Provided expedited supply support service for urgently needed COTS materials, procurements of non-standard material, and source selection for one time provisioning of discontinued Navy supply items.


Training Support

AMPS, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support is provided on a daily basis to the F/A-18 FST Advanced Composites Group. New NAVAIR employees assigned to the group are trained in all aspects of the design and analysis of repairs to composite structures. These employees are then mentored over a period of one to two years until they reach a sufficient proficiency to operate independently.


AMPS, Inc. has carried out training programs to develop NAVAIR employee finite element capability at NADEP North Island and NADEP Jacksonville. These education programs were aimed at educating NAVAIR employees so that they would be self sufficient with respect to obtaining internal loads for the purpose of carrying out analyses to support repairs.


This has resulted in increasing the baseline capabilities and skills of NAVAIR employees in a cost effective manner.


In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support

AMPS, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

The company provides daily support to the F/A-18 service line, generating structural analyses to back up repairs and modifications (3R, TEI, AFB and ECP) carried out at the NADEP. This activity allows NAVAIR to handle surge capacity and fulfills the requirement for highly skilled engineers that it may otherwise not have access to except via the OEM. Consequently turn around times and costs are significantly reduced over the alternative of using OEM services to carry out the same task.


Program Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Support includes financial management, business process re-engineering, and technical support for programs and strategic planning initiatives.   Provide business process re-engineering support including the development of process flow analysis, baseline process modeling, procedures, financial resource analysis, and identify and track metrics for management review and balanced scorecard analysis.   Develop and document system hardware/software performance and interface specifications, locate hardware/software that meets specifications, and provide cost and schedule estimates.   Plan system level upgrades to maintain system performance currency and provide cost estimates to upgrade and refresh technology.   Prepare system level capabilities briefings and provide graphic materials to support presentations.  


Administrative Support

D3 Technologies, Inc. (Performed as prime contractor)

Support to NAVAIR.   Provide administrative support to technical and management-level personnel. This includes documentation planning and support, project administration, general office support, executive secretarial support, human resource planning, event planning and administration, and office relocation planning.