AMPS Software

When it comes to aircraft and spacecraft structural analysis, AMPS boasts a highly competent and qualified staff with experience in a wide variety of structures and analysis.

Linear Static Analysis

AMPS has broad experience in linear analysis of complex aerospace structures, for both loads and detailed stress analysis. This includes classical and finite element determination of strength, stiffness and stability. Linear analysis techniques address quasi-static loading, thermal stresses and distortion, and hygroscopic stress and distortion analysis. AMPS associates have worked with a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic aircraft and spacecraft structures.

  • Loads and Detail Stress Analysis.
  • Finite Element Modeling for Strength, Stiffness, and Stability.
  • Metallic and Non-metallic Structures.

Non-linear Static Analysis

AMPS associates have experience in sophisticated non-linear analysis methods. This includes the incorporation of plasticity, time dependency, contact solutions, and large displacement finite element analysis. A number of the AMPS associates have extensive experience of non-linear stability solutions and post-buckling analysis.

  • Plasticity, Time Dependency, Contact Solutions, and Large Displacement FEM.
  • Non-linear Stability Solutions and Post-buckling Analysis.

Fatigue Analysis

AMPS associates have experience with military and civil aircraft fatigue analysis including mission profile fatigue and high cycle fatigue associated with rotating engine components. This includes the development of load spectra, fatigue crack growth analysis, and sizing of fatigue critical structures. AMPS personnel have also addressed low cycle fatigue issues associated with plastic deformation and creep.

  • Military & Commercial.
  • Mission Profile Fatigue and High Cycle Fatigue (Rotating Engine Components).
  • Load Spectra Development, Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis.
  • Low Cycle Fatigue Issues Associated With Plastic Deformation and Creep.

Dynamic Analysis

AMPS personnel have extensive expertise various types of dynamic analysis. Using finite element analysis techniques, we can address a variety of dynamic issues including normal modes, modal frequency response, random vibration, structural acoustic response, shock, flutter, linear, non-linear, and transient dynamic problems.

  • Normal Modes, Modal Frequency Response, Random Vibration, Structural Acoustic Response.
  • Shock, Flutter, Linear, Non-linear, and Transient Dynamic Problems.

Non-Metallic structures

AMPS personnel have experience with a variety of non-metallic and composite hardware. This ranges from to laminated carbon fiber/epoxy matrix structures to short fiber composite parts certified to FAA and JAA requirements, refractory composite structures used for hypersonic and reentry vehicles, and PMR15 composites for jet engine applications. AMPS, Inc. has developed its own laminate codes, which addresses in plane and through the thickness stresses and properties as well as edge effects.