AMPS Software

Knowledge of :

  • MSC Nastran and Patran
  • PRO/Mechanica
  • MARC
  • MathCAD

  • Classical Techniques: AMPS analysts have the ability and tools to solve sophisticated structural problems by idealizing components and using closed form solutions and simple iterative methods. Using these approaches AMPS personnel can very quickly determine the structural sufficiency of many components to withstand their design loads. Using optimization techniques, our engineers can provide the best solution to customer problems.
  • AMPS has developed it own suit of computer codes incorporating classical analysis methods and numerical solutions to reduce analysis turn around time.   
  • Finite Element Techniques:  AMPS can provide world-class finite element analysis capability.  We have comprehensive experience in solving problems ranging form large integrated loads models incorporating hundreds of thousands of degrees of freedom, thousands of load cases and multiple super elements, to stress models of structural details, which deal with the effects of stress concentrations, cyclic stresses, contact, and thermal gradients.
    While NASTRAN and PATRAN are the primary finite element tools used at AMPS our staff have a large amount of experience with other codes such and PRO/MECHANICA, ANSYS, FEMAP, EMRC NISA and MARC.

At AMPS all our engineers are equipped with customized equipment assembled to meet AMPS specification.

This is an example of a detailed solid finite element modeling incorporated into a loads model of an F/A-18 fuselage. Carried out by AMPS analysts for the US Navy, show here with their permission.
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